Long Hill Teachers Master the Basketball Court

Long Hill Teachers Master the Basketball Court
Posted on 03/18/2019
Playing for a packed house on the WHRHS basketball court, the Long Hill Master Minds took on the Harlem Wizards in an amazing showdown of athletic prowess and total silliness.  

The evening’s festivities began an hour before the game, as students, families, and friends filled the gymnasium to support the Long Hill teachers. Dancing to music, chatting in the stands, and watching the teams warm up, the energy in the stands was electrifying.

27 played for the Long Hill Master Minds. The all-star lineup included Ms. Altebrando, Mrs. Andreski, Mrs. Anderson, Ms. Bacher, Mrs. Clark, Ms. Coster, Ms. Coulter, Mrs. D’Annunzio, Ms, DeMizio, Mrs. Felix, Ms. Fitzsimmons, Mrs. Franklin, Mr. Gillespie, Mrs. Gramaglia, Mr. Manto, Mrs. Milito, Mr. Nestler, Mrs. Omelio, Ms. Pierce, Mrs. Powers, Mr. Rideout, Mr. Salzer, Mrs. Sepe, Ms. Sinnot, Ms. Spinello, Ms. Tremarco, and Mr. Viturello.

The Master Mind Pep Squad led the cheering for our team. The Pep Squad included Ms. Alaan, Ms. Burd, Ms. Butler, Mrs. Cohen,  Ms. Daleo, Mrs. Dobiszewski, Mrs. Evans, Ms. Fernandes, Ms. Franco, Ms. Liebler, Mrs. Mastrogiovanni, Mrs. Minerva, Mr. Mott, and Mrs. Sharp.

When the game began, the Master Minds showed their skills extend far beyond the classroom. When the Wizards challenged Mr. Rideout to a dance contest, he flossed expertly at center court, and then he followed his dancing up by scoring two baskets in the first quarter. Ms. Tremarco led a tickle defense against the Wizards and demonstrated skillful teamwork, passing to Ms. Spinello who moved the Master Minds to 6 points on the scoreboard. Mr. Manto had nothing but net, swooshing a basket from the three pointer line. Mrs. Sepe and Mrs. Clark followed up with another basket. In the third quarter,  the Wizards challenged the Master Minds to hold the lead. Mrs. Franklin scored two baskets, and was unstoppable until her daughter, playing for the Wizards, knocked the ball from her hands. The crowd went wild. The teams battled back and forth as Mr. Nestler scored basket after basket, and Mrs. Andreski, Mr. Salzer, Ms. Sinnott, and Mrs. Milito each scored a basket, resulting screaming cheers from their fans. At the end of the third quarter, the Master Minds had taken the lead, 54-53.

The fourth quarter was filled with cheering, dancing and basketball mixed with games to involve the crowd. The evening ended with all the children in attendance dancing center court with the Wizards and the Master Minds and confetti canyons sprinkling rainbow streamers among the crowd.  

All in attendance were so proud of our Long Hill faculty, who came out to the courts to bring huge smiles to their students Friday night. They were the stars of the show and made this an unforgettable event for all in attendance.

A special thank you to the PTO for organizing this event and for the parent volunteers who worked throughout the night to helped make this night a great success.

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