-Weekly Update


For the week of October 15th:

Math- Topic 2: Number Sense: Addition and Subtraction. Topic 3: Use place value to add and subtract. A study guide will be completed in class on Wednesday, October 17th, with a test scheduled for Thursday, October 18th.

*Vocabulary (Launching List 3)
ancient- very old;  having lived or existed for a very long time
assortment- a group or collection of different things
catalogue- a book containing a list of things that you can buy or use and often has pictures of them. 
gibbering- to talk in a fast or foolish way
rescue- to save someone from danger or harm
to cry noisily while taking short, sudden breath

stamp-bring down a foot heavily on the ground


*Continue to practice writing responses to what they are reading in their reading journal.  They will make connections to the text.
Skills: fact and opinion, cause and effect, making generalizations, 
character, setting, plot, graphic sources, drawing conclusions, 
main idea and details, literary elements, sequence, compare and 
contrast, author's purpose, and summarize.

Social Studies- Unit 1: Communities and Geography.

Science- Chapter 8 Patterns in Earth's Atmosphere A study guide will be completed in class on Wednesday, October 10th, with a test scheduled for Wednesday, October 17th..