Weekly Objectives

Here are the objectives we will be covering this week: Week of: October 15th, 2018

 1. English/Language Arts: We will continue Reading Workshop and discuss elements of different literary genres. We will also continue writing responses to what we are reading independently and in our guided reading groups.

2. Math: We will begin Topic 4, which focuses on addition and subtraction of whole numbers. There will be a Topic 4 test on Thursday, October 25th.

3. Writing: We will continue drafting narratives on our Chrome books. We will think about adding dialogue and descriptive words to enhance our writing.

4. Science: We will continue Chapter 6, which focuses on animals and their ecosystems. There will be a Chapter 6 Test on Wednesday, October 24th.

5. Social Studies: We will continue Unit 1, which focuses on features of New Jersey. There will be a Unit 1 test on Friday, November 2nd.