-Weekly Update


For the week of June 11th:

Math- We will be introduced to 4th grade math!

*Vocabulary (Science: Plants and Animals List 1)

interpret- explain the meaning of

drift- to be carried slowly by a current of air or water

inflate- to cause something to expand by filling it with air or gas

ingenious- clever, inventive, original

aquatic- relating to water

thrive- grow and develop well

nimble- quick and light in movement or action; agile


*Continue to practice writing responses to what they are reading in their reading journal.  They will make connections to the text.
Skills: fact and opinion, cause and effect, making generalizations, 
character, setting, plot, graphic sources, drawing conclusions, 
main idea and details, literary elements, sequence, compare and 
contrast, author's purpose, and summarize.

Social Studies- We will continue Unit 4: Communities at Work.

Science- We will begin Unit A: How Living Things Function, Chapter 2- Classifying Animals.