Homework Assignments

*** Until further notice:  Assignments that say "due on..." will be checked and graded according to the criteria shown in "HW policies."  Assignments that say"enrichment for..." are meant to better prepare students for tests, quizzes and scored writings. (Students who complete these assignments because they want to improve their skills and better prepare for high school are encouraged to do so as they are much more likely to witness positive changes in their writing and time management skills than those who forego the experience.)  Enrichment assignments will not be checked or graded.  However,  students who want feedback on enrichment work should see me during the Guide period or on Mondays from 2:52 to 3:15.          

  • Friday, June 1: Unit 9 Vocabulary Test.
  • Due Monday, June 4: Please return all COACH books back to my classroom.
  • Due Tuesday, June 5: 1. Complete the Agreement Packet (evens only). 2.Craft a  letter, poem, essay, story, or cartoon for next year's eighth graders. You have a choice of genre for this assignment.  The theme is "keys to success" in Grade 8 English Language Arts.  You will share your experiences and understandings with members of the incoming class.  All students must complete this as an HW assignment, and I will choose fifteen of the best for publication.  If your piece is chosen, you can earn up to ten extra credit points. Depending on the quality of your piece, anywhere from two to ten points will be added to your lowest test or quiz grade.  Letters, poems, essays, and stories must be typed and printed.,  (Please IGNORE the link, if there is one.  It is not from me!)
  • Wednesday, June 6: Agreement Test (Subjects and Verbs; Antecedents and Pronouns)
  • IF YOU ARE NOT GOING TO WASHINGTON ON THURSDAY AND FRIDAY--bring your vocabulary books to school.
  • For Tues., 6/12: Complete prepositions classwork: Ex. 12 & 13 on pp. 113 & 114; and Ex. 1 on p. 143.
  • Due Weds., 6/13: Bring the Holt book back to class to be collected.