Barritta, Mrs. D.

Hello My Name Is...

<Mrs. D. Barritta>


I am excited to be a member of the Long Hill School District. I am looking forward to implementing various strategies for incorporating the Arts into STEAM. This cycle course encompasses Science, technology, engineering, arts, and math to connect the dots for authentic learning. All students will have  the opportunity to practice 21st century skills including collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, design, invention and digital citizenship.  Students must use teamwork, perseverance and persistence when facing each challenge.  


How will we accomplish this ?

Students will .. - be inventors, creators, designers, problem-solvers, and collaborator - work independent as well as in groups - tinker, build, design, research,and code. - also learn about famous artists and inventors.

Classroom structure: All work will be completed in the classroom. There is no homework in this cycle course. All work will be completed in class, including research. Students are expected to be creative, active participants throughout each class. Effort and a positive attitude are important for developing strong creative and technical skills. Whether you think you can, or you think you can't... you're right - Henry Ford